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    The Riverside Library is a wonderful, busy place with excellent resources for students, staff, and parents to share.  Volunteers are a very valuable resource in our library!  They assist with routine circulation desk tasks, help students locate materials, shelve books, book fairs, and help with organizing our collection.  

    Volunteering in the Library gives you an opportunity to get to know our staff, meet other students, meet fellow parents, and feel the Pride at Riverside!  Your help with basic but essential tasks allows Mrs. Guitierrez and me to work more directly with teachers and students. Besides, we have a lot of fun! Just ask anyone who has volunteered! 

    If you are interested in volunteering for one or more two-hour shifts a week, please let me know. My contact information is at the bottom of the page. I am happy to get you plugged in!    

    Your time is valuable!  Thank you for volunteering to spend it in Riverside’s Library!

    Thank you!

    Kristin Bartholomew

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