• Scholarships

  • The Discovery High School Counseling Department is committed to aiding ALL students in their postsecondary endeavors. There are numerous resources available for finding funding for postsecondary institutions. Financial Aid is any gradnt or scholarship, loan, or paid employement offered to help a student meet his/her college expenses. The links below can provide useful information for students and parents. Your counselor is also available to help by appointment. Find out who your counselor is here.

    Dollars for College

  • There are Scholarships for Everyone!

    Steps For Applying for Scholarships

    • Identify your scholarship strengths
    • Prioritize to find the right scholarship
    • Work with other Scholarship Seekers
    • Focus on the Selection Criteria - What are they asking for?
    • Follow instructions (word limit, topic, etc.)
    • Stand Out
    • Write an Engaging Essay
    • Be Formal
    • Check and double check and triple check spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. 

    Be on alert for scams!! You should NEVER pay to apply for a scholarship! It should always be FREE. 


    Where Can I Find Scholarships?

    Colleges and Universities

    • Departments within the school (i.e. College of Education)
    • Sororities and Fraternities

    Scholarship & Education Websites (Links Below)


    • PTSA
    • Rotary Clubs
    • Boys and Girls Club

    Large and Small Business

    • Corporations
    • Law Firms
    • Fast Food Restaurants