• Work Based Learning

  • Work Based Learning


    What is Work Based Learning?

    The Gwinnett County Public Schools Work-Based Learning Programs (apprenticeship, coop, and internship) allow Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to obtain experience and skills in a workplace setting. It offers students a unique opportunity to prepare for future educational and career goals while in high school. All Work-Based Learning positions must support a minimum of 10 hours of work time weekly. Students may choose to complete up to two class periods of Work Based Learning. 

    A Work-Based Learning Program:

    • Provides high-quality, work-based experiences for students 
    • Enhances the educational foundation and career preparation students will need to succeed as adults
    • Cultivates the knowledge and skills of students to help them become business leaders for our economic future

    Who is eligble for Work Based Learning?

    Work Based Learning is available to any Junior or Senior who is both on track to graduate and already has a job. If you are unsure of your graduation status, please see your counselor in the Counseling Office (Room 106) to complete a credit check and confirm your elgibility. 

    Work Based Learning Eligibility:

    • Student must be on track to graduate. 
    • Student must already hold a job. 
    • Student must be able to lose one or two classes (6th and 7th period) in their schedule. 

    Work Based Learning Application Process

    All forms should be reviewed, completed online, printed out as directed, and submitted to the Work-Based Coordinator (Ms. Robin Owen) for final approval to the program. Students must actively participate in the job search and interviewing process and cannot be guaranteed a job by the program coordinator. Students may not be allowed to leave school until ALL required paperwork is received by the coordator. 

    1. Meet with your counselor to determine Work Based Learning elgibility and check graduation status. 
    2. Determine which 1 to 2 electives you wish to drop from your current schedule. 
    3. Download the following Pre-Registration documents (found on the link below) for the program. 
    4. Sign the forms and turn them into the Work-Based Learning Coordinator (Ms Owen, Room 105). 

    Apply HERE for Work Based Learning

    For more information on Work Based Learning, please see Ms. Owen in Room 105 or the School Store.