• Letters of Recommendation

Counselor Recommendation Process

  • If your college admissions or scholarship application requires a counselor recommendation, please complete the following steps. Please check to see who your counselor is and ensure that all of their contact information is inputted correctly in your application. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of their application deadlines and complete the counselor recommendation process. Students must allow at least 10 business days after all materials have been submitted for the counselor to complete a college recommendation. 


    1. Check to see who your student's counselor is here.
    2. Obtain the Counselor Recommendation Request Form (Located in the Recommendation Forms below) or pick up in the Counseling Office (Room 106). 
    3. Ask three teachers to complete the Teacher Evaluation Form. Be sure to remind your teachers to return the forms to the Counselor's mailbox or the Counseling Office (Room 106). Choose teachers who have witnessed your academic ability, work habits, and character. Unless otherwise specified, the Teacher Evaluation form is confidential; students are not to view the completed form. 
    4. Complete and submit the Titan Tales Student Profile to the Counseling Office (Room 106). 
    5. Your college recommedation will be completed withing two weeks (10 business days) from the date of all forms (Three Teacher Evaluations, Counselor Recommendation Request Form & Titan Tales Student Profile) are submitted. 
    6. If you have not received your counselor recommendation two weeks after you have submitted all required materials, check with your counselor. 
    7. It is the student's resposibility for postage costs and mailing the recommedation form to the college or instituion of which they have applied. College recommendations are considered confidential and are to be remained sealed to be considered valid. 


    Your counselor recommendation materials will be kept on file. If you need an addition letter of recommendation later in the year, you do not need to submit any additional forms. However, you must email your counselor with the updated college recommendation deadlines.