• Game Design Pathway

  • This pathway will give students a foundation in computational thinking, visual programming, computer programming, internet operations, 3d models, and character animation. A student in the game design pathway will come away with the skills necessary  to be able to design computer games, apps, video games, among various other platforms

    In the game design pathway, you’ll learn the techniques and procedures that will prepare you to be able to enter a career in game design.

  • Pathway Progression

    To complete this pathway, students will take the following year-long courses:


    The Game Design pathway begins with the introductory class Introduction to Digital Technology

    From there, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of programming skills Computer Science Principles.   And finally, learn about application programming and game design in Game Design

    A student completing this pathway can also complete the Web Development pathway with the addition of one course.


    Student Plan of Study for Game Design Pathway




Game Design 1