• Web Development Pathway

  • What will you learn in the Web Development pathway?

    As you might imagine, you’ll acquire skills to be a successful programmer of internet-base applications.  In fact, you’ll pick up enough computer system skills to be successful in a wide variety of Information Technology areas.   You’ll understand computer systems, networking, and internet programming and tools.

  • Pathway Progression

    To complete this pathway, students will take the following year-long courses:


    To get into the Web Development pathway, you’ll begin with the basics course, Introduction to Digital Technology

    Next up, you’ll learn about digital technologies and computer programs in Computer Science Principles.  And you can complete the pathway with Web Development, where you’ll learn to use technologies such as HTML and CSS.

    And as an added benefit, once you complete this pathway, it’s an easy matter to complete the Game Design pathway as well.


    Student Plan of Study in Web Development Pathway

Web Development 1