• AV Technology and Film Pathway

  • Welcome to the Audio, Video Technology and Film department. Lights, camera and action! If you want a career as a director, a film writer, a television reporter/anchor, a video editor or any other job career in the broadcast and film industry, the AVTF pathway is for you. At the DISCO, we offer three courses, which include AVTF 1, AVTF 2 and AVTF 3.

  •  AVTF 1 – Beginner Course - Students learn the basics of Audio Visual Technology and Film -  Students will learn the parts of the camera and tripod, video filming techniques to include composition, camera movements and the types of camera shots and interviewing. Students dive into lighting and audio principles, and the three phases of video production. Students will have the opportunity to work with cameras and even their cell phones to film video projects. Video editing is also a big part of this class. Students will utilize Adobe Premiere, which is a program that is currently used in the broadcast and film industry as well as learn to animate video/graphics utilizing Adobe After Effects. Students will have the opportunity to work in one of the seven (7) main studio job roles, which is a part of the learning the principles of studio production. From learning how to anchor or report in front of the camera, utilize audio equipment, a teleprompter, cameras and the multi-editing switching system to produce live shows. Students creat commercials, tour videos, movie trailers, short films, feature stories, tutorial videos, full newscasts and much more!


    AVTF 2 - Intermediate Course - Students will go more in depth with the skills they have learned in the beginner course and learn more advanced camera filming techniques, studio production and management, live and field production, and much more. Most importantly, students are responsible for producing the announcements show to communicate news to the entire student body on a daily and weekly basis. In this course, students will be expected to work as a professional, and will be challenged to do projects that require students to work independently and as a part of a team. 


    AVTF 3 – Advanced Course - Students will work on more project-based assignments in both an individual and group capacity. Students are responsible for producing the bi-monthly advisement show, which is a 15-20 minute show. Students develop different creative concepts to show off their AVTF talents. In addition, students have the opportunity to take the EOPA (End of Pathway Assessment), which provides students with the opportunity to obtain an industry certificate, which market students as proficient in Adobe Premier (an assett to your future employer).


    EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS - All AVTF students will learn various employability skills, which are necessary in order to land a dream job. Some of these skills include time management, responsibility and accountability, multi-tasking, technical competency and much more. The objective is to prepare passionate and talented students for their future career in the broadcast and film industry.


    Student Plan of Study for AV Technology and Film