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    To ensure that our students are ready to perform at their best on this task, we offer a few testing reminders for our 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders:

    • Get a good night’s sleep before each testing day.
      Try to avoid late sports practices or games, late night TV, and late night electronics. When students are rested they are able to concentrate and do their best on the test.
    • Eat a light, nutritious breakfast each morning before testing. 
    • Food is the fuel that powers the body and the brain. Fruits, carbohydrates (such as breads) and proteins (such as eggs) work best to give students testing energy.
    • Be in school each day and on time.
    • Schedule any doctor or dentist appointments in the late afternoon during the week of testing.  
  • Smarter Balanced Sample Questions

    Smarter Balanced assessments use a variety of item types to accurately measure what students know and can do. 

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     After each assessment, NAEP releases dozens of sample questions to the public—more than 3,000 questions are currently available.

  • Experience Online Testing Georgia Logo
    This practice site allows students to experience what testing online is like.
     The testing site uses Google Chrome and is available daily from 7 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

    Test Practice Directions:

    1. Click on the white "online tools" words beneath the Green "End of Grade."
    2. Click on the white words "EOG Test Practice" on the top left corner.
    3. Click on the Standards Online Tools.
    4. Click on Grades 3-5.
    5. Sign in with the username and password they give on the screen.
    6. Click the Continue button and work your way through the practice area.

  • NOTE: While several of these resources are hosted by non-commercial providers, others are free materials available at sites which may contain promotional content and/or links to other commercial sites.  The inclusion of any of these free resources is not an endorsement of any company or product, and LCES receives no compensation for listing any resources in this collection of free practice items for enriching academic skills and increasing familiarity with GMAS question styles.