Steps to Bring Your Own Device

  • Access to the Internet at school will be provided via the GCPS network. To be granted access, students must:

    1. Confirm they accept the terms and conditions of Gwinnett County Public Schools' Responsible Use Policy by signing the BYOD Responsible Use Policy Form and returning it to their teacher.
    2. Connect to "GCPS Mobile" wireless network on the student's personally-owned device. The login will be the student number and password used by the student to access eCLASS.
    3. Use devices only at the times and in the manners directed by the teacher. If a student is found to be using a device at a time or in a way that is not supporting instruction, this student may lose the privilege to use their device. Additionally, BYOD devices should not be used to play games, watch videos, etc. during recess, bus dismissal time, or while riding on GCPS buses.


    The owner of the device is responsible for ensuring that the device is safe and secure. GCPS and employees of GCPS are not liable or responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of any non-district device or the information on any such device.

    GCPS is not responsible for any fees associated with using any personal technology devices. All fees and charges related to texting or Internet use on any students-owned device are the sole responsibilty of the owner. GCPS will offer Wi-Fi Internet access through the GCPS network without fees to BYOD participants.