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  • Brawler

    by Neil Connelly Year Published: 2019

    Being a high school wrestler allows Eddie MacIntyre to forget that his childhood was a nightmare. Wrestling could be Eddie’s passport to college and a better life. Known as “Brute Boy,” he’s channeled the rage he feels toward his imprisoned father to help him win over 100 matches. But when he faces possible criminal charges for attacking a referee, Eddie is considered the perfect candidate for Brawlers, an illegal underground fighting league run by criminals. Will Eddie accept an offer to go underground and fight illegally? Brawlers offers many rewards, but they have no rules.

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  • City of Ghosts

    by Victoria Schwab Year Published: 2018

    Cassidy doesn’t know how long her best friend Jacob has been dead. He won’t talk about it, and she doesn’t ask. She realizes that ghosts don’t only appear at night or in old houses, and just because people don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there! When she learns that her parents are filming a show about famous ghosts, Cassidy reluctantly accompanies them to Scotland — and so does Jacob! While there, they meet many ghosts, and the dark secret about how Jacob once saved Cassidy’s life might be revealed.

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  • Devils Unto Dust

    by Emily Berquist Year Published: 2018

    When an infected creature, known as a shake, bites or scratches anyone, it’s only a matter of time before the victim gets sick and dies. At least shakes can be easily identified. Their faces are burned, and their snarling teeth are blackened with dried blood. Only a small amount of skin clings to their thin arms. Daisy Wilcox, known as Willie, feels trapped by the dust and death in her desert town. When her mother dies from a shake attack, Willie vows to find her missing father. But when she becomes terribly ill, Willie wonders if the trip is worth it.

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  • Tell Me Everything

    by Sarah Enni Year Published: 2019

    Ivy is invisible to everyone at her high school except her BFF Harold. But ever since that moment they shared before he went off to camp, Harold hasn’t been himself. Then, Ivy finds a new photo- and an art-sharing site called VEIL. No one can see who the artists are behind the art, but she’s still not sure
    she wants to post her own. Eventually, Ivy recognizes some VEIL users and shows them support, which gives her confidence a boost. She’s also sure she’s figured out Harold’s
    secret and wants to use her artwork for a grand gesture. But will it rekindle their friendship or be a disaster?

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