Partnership Program

  • Overview

    An integral part of GSMST's integrated curriculum involves multi-tiered Work Integrated Learning programs which allow students opportunities to put STEM theory into practice.  

    Our Partnership and Internship Department supports this connection of academic experience and workplace contexts by partnering with industry and academic leaders in Gwinnett and surrounding counties. Each grade level has a unique opportunity to learn about careers, beginning with our 9th Grade Speaker Series and culminating in our 12th grade Senior Capstone Experience internships. 


    Innovative Partnership Award from NCSSS

    GSMST is proud to announce that it is the 2018 recipient of the Innovative Partnership Award from the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools. The award was presented to GSMST at the national conference of NCSSS in November, 2018. 

  • Internships: 12th grade Senior Capstone Experience

    Upon successful completion of their 11th grade JFE internship, all seniors complete a year-long Senior Capstone Experience (SCE). This fellowship is a culmination of academic and professional experience which provides students with an opportunity to collaborate with a mentor who is a current practitioner in an applied STEM field.  SCE internships can be on-site at the mentor's office and/or lab or virtual/remote contact. 

    All Capstone Experiences:

    • are  built around three experiential pathways of student choice,
    • involve concurrent enrollment in an internship class,
    • coursework which is evaluated by a GSMST faculty member,
    • a culminating capstone deliverable project, and
    • a final presentation of work that is submitted at the end of the experience. 

  • Internships: 11th grade Junior Fellowship Experience

    During their 11th grade year, GSMST students complete their one-semester Junior Fellowship Experience (JFE). This program partners university and industry experts with our students to complete in-depth work assignments and projects. After thorough on-campus professional training with our JFE coordinator, students can choose to participate in a career internship or an independent project.

    Types of JFE internships include:

    • short-term (one semester),
    • long-term (yearlong), or
    • independent research (either a ten-week semester, or an eighteen-twenty week school-year).

  • 10th Grade: STEM Site Visits

    Phase two of the Partnership Program involves our 10th grade students participating in a

    • fall university virtual visit, and
    • spring STEM corporate site visit.

    Each fall, sophomores are afforded the opportunity to visit a post-secondary institution in the discipline of their preferred pillar of study: Bioscience, Engineering, or Emerging Technologies. Then in the spring, students visit a business partner in a potential future career field. During these on-site visits, students are grouped according to their preferences and are chaperoned by faculty advisors during the experience.

    This phase of our work-integrated learning programming supports student exploration of potential internships for their 11th grade Junior Fellowship Experience.

  • 9th Grade: Speaker Series

    The GSMST Speaker Series hosts professionals and academics from around the state to provide 9th grade students with exposure to and information about various areas of interest in STEM-related fields.  Occurring two times throughout the school year, professionals are invited on campus to be signature speakers.

    In this seminar-style format, students choose speakers in their area of interest. These presentations allow small audiences of students to attend a 30-minute presentation about the speaker's educational background, area of research, career path, organization or university. 

    This is a great networking and entry-level partnership opportunity for STEM professionals in and around the county.

    Speaker Series 2022-2023 Event Dates:

    • October 13, 2022 - Science & Technology Edition
    • March 14, 2023 - Engineering & Mathematics Edition  

    If you are interested in being a speaker, please email Christie Williams.