GSMST Senior Class


  • Welcome Class of 2022! 

    Senior Information Form

    Seniors should complete the Senior Information Form by Friday, August 13.  Access the form here:

    Senior Shirts

    If you would like to submit a design to be considered for the front this year’s senior shirt, submit your design to the dropbox on the Class of 2022 eCLASS page by Tue, 9/7.  Submit original high-resolution files that can be opened in the program used to create the design.  The shirt should clearly represent the GSMST Senior Class of 2022.  Contact Mr. Kuninsky if you would like files with GSMST logos and graphics.

    Senior Dues

    Senior dues are $175 and can be paid at or directly to the Scholastic Images rep when they visit our school.  The deadline to pay is February 28; after this date, the fee will increase to $195.  See below for specific instructions for paying dues.  

    Community Service Hours

    Final documentation of community service hours for seniors with 200 or more hours of service who wish to receive a silver community service cord should be submitted to X2Vol by Friday, March 18.

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  • Senior Dues

    • Senior Dues are $175.  
    • The Deadline for Payment will be February 28.
    • After the deadline, the fee will be $195.
    • Dues cover senior activities that are held throughout the year, as well as costs related to graduation (cap/gown, diploma/diploma cover, cords, the graduation ceremony, etc.).
    • Dues can be paid by credit card online at 
    • A representative from Scholastic images will be in the cafeterial during lunch on certain days this year; you can pay dues by cash or check at that time. 
    • Refunds will not be given to students who fail to meet graduation requirements or transfer out of GSMST after dues are paid.


    1. Go to 

    2. Select GSMST from the dropdown menu and click “Submit”. 

    3. Click “Cap & Gown Packages”.  

    4. Go to GSMST CAP & GOWN PACKAGE A ($175) and click “View Package”. 

    5. Input Height, Weight, and Gender.  Click “Add to Cart”.  

    6. Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping.  

  • Senior Shirts

    Traditionally a member of the senior class will design the senior class shirt.  If you would like to submit a design, review and follow the instructions below:

    • Provide a design/graphic for the front of the shirt only - names of students will be printed on the back.
    • Submit a high resolution, editable, file from the original program used to produce the image. Lower resolution files do not print well and will not be considered.
    • Screen shots from sites like CustomInk will not be accepted.
    • Include no more than three colors.  Traditionally, the colors are GSMST blue, white, and gray - but feel free to use other colors.
    • You may select the color of the shirt - gray, black, white, and blue are all good options, but others will be considered.
    • Be creative and keep in mind that a person should be able to look at the front of the shirt and know that this is the GSMST Class of 2021's senior shirt.
    • You may submit more than one design.
    • Contact Mr. Kuninsky if you would like files with GSMST logos or graphics.
    • Submit your design to the DROPBOX on the Class of 2022 eCLASS page no later than Tuesday, Sept 7.  

  • Community Service Hours/Cord

    Students with 200 or more documented hours of community service will receive a silver cord to wear at graduation.

    Final documentation of Community Service Hours is due by Friday, March 18 at 3:00pm. All hours should be documented in X2Vol. 


  • Honor Graduate Status/Cords

    • If your overall GPA after 1st semester of senior year is 90.0 or higher, you are an honor graduate and will receive a gold cord to wear at graduation.
    • GPA's are not rounded, so an 89.9 will not qualify for honor graduate status.
    • If you are close to 90.0, and bring your GPA up to or above 90.0 by the end of second semester, you will receive honor graduate status.