GSMST Senior Class


  • Graduation Update - 6/23/20

    Class of 2020:

    For the twenty (20) seniors who were not able to come to campus on either 6/16 or 6/23 to pick up yearbooks and diplomas and sign the West Wing wall, we will be calling you on the phone to determine your plans and whether one day during July 7-9 might be convenient for you to visit GSMST and complete your tasks.

    Our plans are fully underway for the July 14th graduation at the Infinite Energy Exhibit Hall area.  Our scheduled time is 10:00 AM that morning.  Gwinnett County Public Schools began publicizing details about these ceremonies last Friday on the GCPS website.  All details included in that 2-page flyer are accurate with one important exception -- rather than asking you to return to the GSMST campus to pick-up graduation tickets, we will be mailing them to your home address along with an instruction sheet for the ceremony itself.  We usually spend a couple of hours rehearsing the graduation ceremony at school in preparation for the actual event.  There will be no rehearsal opportunity this year so we will be relying on you to read and follow the directions we provide which will include details like wearing your cap and gown (required for participation) and arriving early and departing on time (there is an 8:30 AM graduation in the Arena before ours and a 2:00 PM graduation in the Arena after ours so parking details will be important for your family).

    Please understand that the only way we are able to plan for this event is with strict physical distancing parameters in place.  This will severely reduce the size of the audience so we anticipate offering each graduate two, or possibly three, guest tickets.  In order for us to make accurate plans, each graduate who plans to attend will need to formally register their attendance on MyPaymentsPlusThe deadline for registering on MPP is next Wednesday, July 1.  The data we gather from MPP will determine who gets mailed graduation tickets and who does not.  No guest will be allowed to enter the ceremony without a ticket.  Our school photographer will be taking stage pictures for all graduates and those will be available to families who opt-in for them.

    This information and any additions will be made available on the Senior Class Information page of the GSMST website starting on 6/24.

    We sincerely hope that health or other conditions do not result in the cancellation of this special event and we look very forward to celebrating your great accomplishment on 7/14!

    Mr. Bray & Mr. Kuninsky

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  • Graduation Announcement Orders

    Graduation Announcements can be ordered at  Orders can be submitted in person any day a representative from Balfour is on campus during lunch (12/11, 1/9, 2/5).

    Graduation Announcement Order Form

  • Senior Dues

    • Senior Dues are $150.  
    • The Deadline for Payment is February 29, 2020.
    • After the deadline, the fee will be $170.
    • Dues cover senior activities that are held throughout the year, as well as costs related to graduation (cap/gown, diploma/diploma cover, cords, the graduation ceremony, etc.).
    • Dues can be paid by credit card online at Balfour's web site -
    • Dues can also be paid by cash or check on any day that a representative from Balfour is on campus during lunch - 10/1, 10/2, 11/1, 12/11, 1/9, 2/5. 
    • Refunds will not be given to students who fail to meet graduation requirements or transfer out of GSMST after dues are paid.


    1. Go to (NOT Balfour; the ga must be included)
    2. Select GSMST, and click submit.
    3. Scroll down, and click "Cap & Gown/Graduation Fee".
    4. Scroll down, and click "View Package" in the box labeled "Your Cap, Gown, and Tassel!".
    5. Provide requested information and click "Add to Cart".
    6. Click "Proceed to Checkout", and submit your payment. 
  • Senior Shirt Days

    Senior Shirt Days for the 2019-2020 School Year are: 

    • 10/16
    • 11/20
    • 12/20
    • 1/21
    • 2/21
    • 3/19
    • 4/20
    • 5/11
  • Community Service Hours/Cord

    Students with 200 or more documented hours of community service will receive a silver cord to wear at graduation.

    Final documentation of Community Service Hours is due by Thursday, March 12 by 3:00pm.  Give community service forms to Ms. Czarick in the counseling office.  Keep a copy of the forms for your own records. 

    The community service hours form can be found HERE

  • Honor Graduate Status/Cords

    • If your overall GPA after 1st semester of senior year is 90.0 or higher, you are an honor graduate and will receive a gold cord to wear at graduation.
    • GPA's are not rounded, so an 89.9 will not qualify for honor graduate status.
    • If you are close to 90.0, and bring your GPA up to or above 90.0 by the end of second semester, you will receive honor graduate status. 
  • Exam Exemption Policy (Second Semester Only)

    Seniors meeting the set criteria are eligible for exam exemption during Spring Semester. Students must have four or fewer absences spring semester and have a 90.0 average in the class (or be an Honor Graduate) in order to exempt. Seniors will receive detailed exemption information in January.

  • Graduation 2020

    • Graduation will be held on Thursday May 21 at 6:00pm in the Exhibit Halls at the Infinite Energy Forum. 
    • Graduation Practice will be held on Thursday May 20 at 9:00am in the GSMST Cafeteria.  All graduates are requried to attend. 
    • Information on requesting guest tickets will be posted in April. 
  • Senior Letters

    • Family and Friends are invited to send letters/cards for graduating seniors.  This is a great opportunity to express congratulations and well wishes.
    • Letters will be distributed at the senior breakfast on May 11.
    • Place letters in a standard sized envelope or send a standard sized card in an envelope.
    • Letters not sealed in an envelope will not be accepted. 
    • Packages, large envelopes, or envelopes with bulky contents will not be accepted.
    • Write the first and last name of the recipient on the outside of the envelope.
    • Bring letters to the Attendance Office or Mr. Kuninsky's room (5.241).
    • Letters can be mailed to the school to the attention of Steve Kuninsky.
    • Letters will not be accepted by email.
    • Letters must be received by Monday May 4, 2020

    Due to current circumstances, DO NOT send letters to the school yet.  Notification will be sent when we are ready to accept senior letters.