• Officers

    President "As President, you will be the leading figure in the room and will be the one to conduct meetings as members will look up to you for everything regarding the club.  Your role is the most important as it is your job to lead your officers into what you want the club to be; you are the driving force to decide what you want to implement within the club.  Another important job is to ensure there is effective communication between officers to ensure maximum efficiency/productivity.  You want to make sure that everybody is doing their duty and make sure things are running smoothly, and if there are problems, then you are the mediator and need to communicate with others including the advisor to ensure a positive environment." -- Sarju
    Vice President "As Vice President, it's my duty to serve in any capacity as directed by the president; to accept the responsibilities as Vice President if the occasion shall arise; and to be available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of TSA." -- Jalen
    Secretary "My primary job as secretary is to keep records of anything that goes down during meetings.  This includes note taking and relaying minutes back toward the general members.  This is all for the purpose of having all of our members aware of any changes to our chapter." -- Hao
    Treasurer "As Treasurer, it's my duty to manage the funds for the club in order to ensure we have the financial stability for any endeavors we have.  Also I try to propose ideas for fundraising as well as manage any expenses the club has.  I help create, lead, and conduct meetings, and also relay information between advisor to the rest of the general members." -- Kevin
    Parliamentarian "As a Parliamentarian, it is my responsibility to make sure we are following the bylaws set by the National TSA Organization.  I make sure members are aware of the procedures for meetings and answer any questions in regards to the club."  -- Fateha
    Sergeant-at-Arms "As Sergent-at-Arms, it is my job to make sure the meetings go smoothly and orderly.   I get everyone seated and settled, and make sure that everyone has what they need in order to be successful.  At officer meetings, I make sure we are following the agenda, in order to accomplish the goal of each meeting."  -- Aly
    Member-at-Large  "As Member-at-Large, I act as a bridge of communication between officers and general members.  I help to make sure members ideas are heard by the officers and to make sure they feel welcomed into our chapter.  I also look at our general members to see who would be a good fit for officer positions in the next year." -- Eddie


    Would you like to serve as an Officer in the TitansTSA?

    Start by attending our regular meetings, and you may even sit in on the officers meetings to see what's going on.   Start up a conversation with one of our officers, and see what position might be best for you.  Then, watch for announcements of next year's officers recruitment.