• Titan Regiment Marching Band

  • The Marching Band is the most visual component of the Discovery High School Band. The Marching Band serves two important functions at Discovery High School. First, we represent the school at multiple functions per year, including all Varsity Football games, Pep Rallies and several Parades.

    In addition, the Marching band prepares an 8 to 10 minute competition show that is performed approximately 15 times a year at football games, competitions, and exhibitions. The Marching Band includes all instrumentalists and students in the Color Guard program.

    The Marching Band is open to all instrumentalists and students who would like to participate in the colorguard program. The Marching Band season runs from Mid-July to Early November and is an extracurricular activity. All instrumentalists (woodwinds, brass and percussion) should be enrolled in a band class in order to participate in marching band.

2018 Titan Regiment