• The Plan...The Promise 2023-24

    Click: 2023-24 The Plan...The Promise.

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  • What is The Plan...The Promise?

    Our school's Family and Community Engagement Plan and our School-Family Compact have been merged together to create one streamlined document. To truly be family-friendly, we have changed the word "compact" to the word "promise". Thus, “The Plan…The Promise…”

    The Plan: The purpose of the Family and Community Engagement Plan is to establish our school’s expectations for parental/family engagement.  Additionally, it describes how our school will implement a number of specific family engagement activities designed to increase student academic achievement.

    The Promise: The purpose of the School-Family Promise (Compact) is to serve as an agreement that parents, students, and teachers develop together, explaining how they will partner to ensure that our students meet state academic standards.

    Contact the CGHS Parent Center for additional information.

  • How to Support The Plan...The Promise (Cómo apoyar El plan... La promesa)

    All CGHS families are asked to sign off that they have received/viewed this document.  You can sign off on a paper copy in the CGHS Parent Center or download/print/sign the Plan...Promise Cover Page (ENG/SPAN) and return it to CGHS. If it is more convenient for you, you can quickly sign off by clicking HERE

    Todas las familias de CGHS deben firmar que han recibido/visto este documento.  Usted puede firmar una copia en papel en el Centro de Padres de CGHS o descargar/imprimir/firmar la Portada del Plan...Promesa (ENG/SPAN) y devolverla a CGHS. Si es más conveniente para usted, puede firmar rápidamente haciendo clic AQUÍ.