• Policies and Procedures

  • How Do I Find Out What Books Are Checked Out?

    Click this link for a video to show you how to use the Media Catalog to find out what books are checked out to your child. 

    Video: How To Find Books You Have Checked Out


    Note About Missing Books From The 2019-2020 School Year

    We understand that things are not normal right now. If you are unable to find your Media Center Books, do not worry. Additionally, if books have been lost during this time of Digital Learning, you will not be charged with lost book fines. If you find Media Center books over the summer, please bring them to school with you to Dyer when the new school year begins. 

  • Checkouts

    General Guidelines

    All books and magazines are checked out for two weeks. However, students may return books early so that they can check out new books and magazines.

    If a student has an overdue book or a fine for a lost/damaged book, the books must be returned or the fines must be paid before a student may check out another book.


    • One book at a time

    First Grade

    • One book at a time at the beginning of the year
    • Two books beginning in January

    Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade

    • Three books at a time
    • Many teachers require students to check out at least one non-fiction book

  • Fines

    There are no fines for overdue books.

    Students are asked to pay for lost or damaged books. If a book has been lost, the student must pay the rate established by Gwinnett County Public School Media Services.

    • $15 for a hardcover book
    • $5 for a paperback book
    • $2 for a magazine

    Payment for a lost book will be refunded if the book is returned in good condition on or before the last day of school.

    Fines may be paid by cash, check, or on My Payments Plus. 

  • Book Care

    Please keep books dry. Please keep books away from pets that like to chew.

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