• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Twin Rivers Middle School Counseling Department is to inspire all students to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior and, in doing so, become successful college and career ready, global citizens.  All students will have equal access to the Twin Rivers Middle School Counseling Program, which provides developmentally appropriate activities that include individual and small group counseling and core curriculum lessons.  School counselors advocate for equal access to challenging coursework, enrichment opportunities, and differentiated instruction for all students.  Additionally, the school counseling department partners with other stakeholders to advocate for fairness, justice, and respect for all.

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the school counseling program at Twin Rivers Middle School is that all students are considerate, resilient, global citizens who work to provide a culture of continuous improvement by ensuring equity and access for all.  In addition to possessing the knowledge and skills required to be successful in college and careers, our students acknowledge and value differences and encourage positive interactions between members of a diverse community to challenge systemic barriers.  Our students are lifelong learners who value the importance of continued academic and career education and who work to foster productive and engaging partnerships in an ever-changing world.

    We, the Professional School Counselors at Twin Rivers Middle School, believe that:

    • All students can demonstrate honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect
    • All students can serve as leaders in the classroom, school, and community
    • All students can value the unique traits of themselves and others
    • All students can learn at their greatest potential and can share in the accountability of  their learning
    • All students will have access to the school counseling program, which is driven by school data and state and national standards and staffed by certified, professional school counselors
    •  All students will receive support that is differentiated to reach their personal goals in a compassionate environment designed to meet their developmental needs
    • School Counselors will advocate for all students
    • School Counseling Programs will be designed and implemented by Professional School Counselors who are uniquely qualified to deliver program activities
    •  Professional School Counselors will follow ethical standards specifically designed for School Counselors

    TRMS Counseling Department Advisory Council

    Every school year, the TRMS Counseling Program holds two Advisory Council meetings to discuss our program goals, counseling interventions, and gain feedback from stakeholders on how we can improve our Counseling Program.