• Middle Years Programme  What is the Middle Years Program?

    The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) is designed to teach students to become independent learners who can recognize relationships between school subjects and the world outside, who can adapt to new situations and combine relevant knowledge, practical and social intelligence to solve authentic problems alone or in groups.

    The program is offered to students in 6th - 10th grades. The Pinckneyville Middle years Program feeds into the MYP program at Norcross High School.

  • Students are required to take courses from each of the following 8 subject areas:

    • Language & Literature (Language Arts)
    • Language Acquisition (World Language)
    • Health & Physical Education
    • Science
    • Design (Technology)
    • Arts (Visual & Performing)
    • Maths
    • Individuals & Societies (Social Studies / Humanities)

    The program aims to enable students to:

    • build upon their spirit of discovery to develop an understanding and enjoyment of the process of learning, independently and in cooperation with others
    • acquire knowledge and understanding and prepare for further learning
    • recognize the extent to which knowledge is interrelated
    • learn to communicate effectively in a variety of ways
    • develop a sense of personal and cultural identity and a respect for themselves and for others
    • acquire insights into local and global concerns affecting health, the community and the environment, and develop a sense of individual and collective responsibility and citizenship.

Middle Years Program