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    GAFutures is your one stop shop for postsecondary planning! All MVHS students are encouraged to create a GAFutures account. When creating an account, please be sure to include your social security number, which will need to be entered to assist with securing HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships/Grants. Creating a GAFutures account allows you to research and save information regarding colleges and scholarships, career assessments, and financial aid. In addition, upon senior year, students can send transcripts to in state colleges and NCAA and apply for colleges directly on GAFutures.

    Click here to visit GAFutures

    Collegeboard BigFuture

    BigFuture is a comprehensive website that improves the college planning process. Students can research interests/careers, colleges, and financial aid opportunities.  Students can create a detailed, individualized plan from the start of 9th grade by creating an account.  The goal of BigFuture is to alleviate the stress of college planning.

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    College Scorecard

    College Scorecard allows you to find schools and compare college affordability based on Programs/Degrees, Location, Size, and Specific Schools.

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  • College Applications

    When starting the process of applying for colleges, students should first visit the college websites directly to determine what website should be used to complete college applications.  Some colleges will require students to complete the applications on their website, while some colleges utilize outside application sites, such as GAFutures (in state schools only), Common Application, My Coalition, and SendEdu.  The following links are provided for students to visit these websites directly.


    Common Application

    My Coalition


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