• Health and Physical Education

    Description of the Health Education Program

    A student’s health directly influences his or her success in school and beyond. For this reason, teachers and students need to understand the factors that enable and reinforce healthy behaviors. Health Education at Mountain View High School and in Gwinnett County Public Schools is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make decisions, become advocates of healthy living, and choose healthy behaviors for life. A unified approach to education for health and wellness (parents, community, school) coupled with a planned, sequential curriculum in health education throughout the school years is necessary to nurture the development of a lifestyle that fosters and exemplifies good health and supports learning.

    Description of the Physical Education Program

    Never before has there been so much research documenting the health benefits of physical activity. Yet, there is an alarming number of youth that are overweight, or obese, which lead to future health issues. Therefore at Mountain View High School and in Gwinnett County Public Schools, the physical education program is designed to give students the movement competencies, concepts, and principles necessary to develop a physically active lifestyle and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness during their school-age years and beyond.

    Jaime Crawford, Department Chair