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  • “During digital learning, Gwinnett County School Counselors will continue supporting students' academic success, career development, and social-emotional growth, utilizing Zoom and Google Meet for individual meetings, conferences, presentations, groups, and classroom lessons/activities.” 


    Please contact your student's academy office with questions and general information.
    9th Grade Academy Office  (770) 736-2206
    BAM Academy Office  (770) 736-4341
    STEM Academy Office (678) 344-2758
    WHE Academy Office (770) 736-4384

    Office Hours:
    Monday-Thursday 7:00 am - 2:30 pm
    Friday 7:00 am - 2:30 pm
    Fax Number: (770) 736-2084

  • Counseling Department Mission and Vision


    The vision of Shiloh High School Counseling Department is to produce world-class citizens who are well rounded, culturally sensitive, productive individuals who thrive in an ever-changing society by active involvement in the community, providing positive examples to others and remaining interested and engaged in learning.



    The mission of the Shiloh High School Counseling Department is to provide a data driven comprehensive counseling program that promotes the academic, personal/social, and career success of every student. Through effective collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and the community, equity and access are afforded to all students, ultimately producing world-class graduates who are responsible community members and life-long learners. 


    Counseling Beliefs

    1. All students have the capacity to learn, desire to be successful and benefit from positive interactions
    2. Families are an integral part to student success and should reinforce what is learned and work in collaboration with the school.
    3. Teachers have the power to promote, establish and encourage student growth and learning by maintaining high expectations and challenging students through meaningful engagement.
    4. Learning is a desire that is universal, relentless, vital and life-long
    5. School is a safe environment that promotes positive self-worth, equal learning opportunities and is the foundation to society.
    6. School Counselors should be certified professionals, who advocate for student achievement, collaborate with all stakeholders to remove barriers impeding learning.
    7. School Counseling Programs should be driven by data and strategically designed in response to the constantly changing personal/social, academic and career need of all students.
    8. Data is the driving force behind successful programs used for growth and developmental planning and creating a successful program.
    9. All students no matter socioeconomic status, race, family background or culture should have the right and access to an equal education opportunity.



    Shiloh High School Counselors advocate for students and provide a program that will assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become effective students, responsible community members, productive workers, and lifelong learners. Counselors collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, community members, and organizations to deliver a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. Through effective collaboration with key stakeholders, the Shiloh High School Counseling Program will prepare all students to be world-class graduates who are well equipped to meet the complex and evolving challenges of the twenty-first century. All students will thrive in a rigorous academic environment inspiring life-long learning and will ultimately be responsible, productive citizens who demonstrate resiliency, self advocacy, and cultural awareness as they contribute to the school, community and society.


    Role of SHS Counselors

    As outlined in the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national standards, Shiloh High School Counselors assist with addressing barriers that high school students have with being successful in school.

    Shiloh High School Counseling Department uses a comprehensive counseling program to address the needs of students and serve as a vital role in student success. We provide individual counseling and academic planning, community referrals, college and career guidance, transitional consultations, peer and social conflict resolution, and more.

    Shiloh High School Counselors are proud members of:
    American School Counseling Association
    Georgia School Counselors Association