• STEM Logo Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

    Academy Lead - Dr. Krystal Tomlin

    Email - krystal.tomlin@gcpsk12.org

    STEM Administrator - Ms. Hope Black

    Email - hope.black@gcpsk12.org

    STEM Counselor - Mr. Devin Jones

    Email - devin.jones@gcpsk12.org


    It is the Shiloh High School STEM Academy's mission to focus on student centered learning; provide experiences that motivate all students; provide a rigorous and technologically enhanced curriculum; and inspire creative, critical and analytical thinking.


    The Shiloh High School STEM Academy will empower all students to graduate ready for college, careers, and life in a global economy.

    In today’s world, technology use and development have almost become a necessary part of everyday life. Energy concerns are at the forefront of discussions in a variety of career areas ranging from business and industry to national and foreign political policies, materials and IT production efficiencies are in high demand to curb outsourcing, and reinforced structural design innovations are vital as natural disasters and weather phenomena wreak world havoc. Increasing just as quickly is the demand for more challenging and realistic digital communication, information and entertainment sources. The Academy of Science and Technology offers exciting and rigorous pathways in computer science for programming and gaming development as well as in engineering and technology.

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