• Media Catalog

    Available on the desktop of every computer at school.

    You can also access it through the student portal under the apps section.

    Use the catalog to look for books, hold books, and checkout/read eBooks.

  • Online Research

    Available on the desktop of every computer at school and in the app section of eCLASS.

    Use for county provided research resources, such as Brittanica and other online encyclopedias.


  • eBooks

    We have two types of eBooks at Dyer Elementary. The Capstone eBooks are great for every grade level. These are the easiest eBooks to use for the younger students. You can access the Capstone eBooks on the landing page of eCLASS, under the school calendar. Look for the eBooks section and click on Capstone eBooks. The Follett eBooks are accessed through the Media Catalog. Students must log into the catalog with their school ID number and password in order to check out and read the Follett eBooks.