Timeline of Registration Process

    • March 11 – initial deadline for middle school families to submit their course registration information.
    • Today - March 14 – high school counselors are entering course requests for the next school year. Students and their families can see these courses in their StudentVue app.
    • March 14 - April – students can submit elective and course level changes through the links below.
    • April 10 - 24 – courses are finalized, and the master schedule is finished.
    • April 25 - May 10 – last change requests are submitted. At this point, changes are not guaranteed because of class size limitations and master schedule considerations.

Course Registration

  • Beginning in early February of each school year, the Curriculum and Counseling Offices at Grayson High School will begin registration for the upcoming school year. Students' current teachers will recommend the student for the appropriate level and course for next year. If a current 9th through 11th-grade student is concerned about their placement, they will need to complete an electronic form by the end of March. The Registration Forms listed below allow you to either change the course level (Honors to CP, etc) or change the elective in your schedule. There is a link to the open electives for the 2022-23 school year as well. This link will be updated weekly to reflect the open slots available for current Grayson High School students.

    What is the course registration process?

    At the high school level, the Curriculum Office refers to course registration as the comprehensive process that involves signing up for the next school year's courses for our students. The process begins in November with the construction of the course offering publications including optional elective and core classes that students may be interested in learning.

    At the beginning of the 2nd semester, the Curriculum Office places students in next year's core classes based on the performance in their first semester grades. Teachers can alter the course level and placements as well during this initial stage. Counselors are also conducting individual and group meetings with students to review four-year plans, introduce possible electives and answer questions. As courses are entered, students and their families can view the courses.

    After this step, students are given the opportunity to sign up for electives in their courses to continue their pathway and learning in subjects that may interest them. This also includes potentially applying to Grayson Technical School and/or Maxwell High School to pursue college and career opportunities they may provide.

    During March and April, students and their families are provided course selection sheets to potentially adjust. During this stage, students can change electives and/or levels of courses (parental signatures are required). Please understand that our counselors are meeting and completing schedules to ensure that students are taking the courses they need to fulfill their academic goals.

    Right before the end of the school year, students are given their final course request document and one more opportunity to change electives and levels of courses. These requests are not guaranteed because of space in courses and personnel restrictions at GHS.

    Current GHS Students:

    Rising 9th Grade Students:

    Applications for specific courses including Work-Based Learning and Office Aid

    Email Joanna Root for information about applying for work-based learning and to be an office aid.