• 5th Grade Supply List 2020-2021

    1 set of personal headphones (SCHOOL REQUIREMENT)
    3” Ring view binder (ONLY Ms. Link’s students)
    5 subject pocket dividers (ONLY Ms. Link’s students)
    3 marble composition book
    5 PLASTIC folders with prongs and pockets
    48 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand)
    1 pack of white erasers
    10 (or more) glue sticks
    1 zipper pencil pouch for supplies (no plastic art boxes)
    1 pair student scissors
    6 boxes of Kleenex (for class use)
    5 (or more) EXPO dry erase markers
    1 box colored pencils or crayons
    1 box of markers
    1 box of Ziploc freezer bags (boys-gallon size, girls- quart size)
    2 containers of Antibacterial Clorox wipes (no baby wipes)
    2 10 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
    1 package Post-it notes
    1 ream of copy paper
    1 box of band aids (latex free)