Models for Blended Learning

Vision for the Future of Gwinnett Online Campus

  • Click image for video Gwinnett Online Campus is on a journey to provide a personalized learning experience for students. Teachers at Gwinnett Online Campus are dedicated to individual student success. Student-centered, personalized learning will continue to be a focus for GOC in the future. A thoughtful analysis of course blueprints will direct digital designers in the creation of enrichment and remediation lessons and activities to provide all students with access to a customized and challenging education that fits their individual needs. Additionally, an instructional strategy Professional Learning Community is focusing on researching and implementing best practices of digital design and learning in the blended/online environment. By aligning each course activity and resource with associated standards, teachers will be able to differentiate the learning experience for each student to meet each students’ individual needs. Course designs will include a variety of formative assessments, students will have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning by demonstrating mastery through customized learning pathways.

    Gwinnett Online Campus will continue to be a leader in digital design as GOC continues to deliver transformational instruction across the district. Since becoming a full-time online/blended school in 2011, the leadership team at Gwinnett Online Campus has developed numerous innovative blended learning models currently implemented throughout the district. Click each model below for more information.