End of Course (EOC)

End of Course Testing Days

  • End of Course exams are taken during the second semester with the exception of Accelerated Geometry which is taken at the end of the first semester.

Planning for Your Testing Time

  • In order to help you prepare for the EOC, the following time constraints are set on the exam. Students must remain in the testing environment for the entirety of the testing session with the examiner.

    • Language Arts: approximately one hour and 30 minutes for Day One and approximately two hours and 30 minutes for Day Two
    • Math: approximately three hours
    • Science: approximately two hours
    • Social Studies: approximately two hours

EOC Test Out Guidance

  • Each spring an EOC testing out option is provided for students within Gwinnett County. The registration dates can be obtained by the testing coordinator. If interested in this option or want to find out more please review the flyer "Be in the Know About Testing Out." 

    Students must complete the following steps in order to be considered for the Test-Out option: 

    1. Receive application from Assessment or Counseling Office
    2. Receive teacher recommendation form and communicate with the teacher to get the form submitted to Testing Coordinator at GOC. 
    3. Submit an application to Testing Coordinator at GOC
    4. Register and pay via mypaymentsplus (includes students answering questions if they have met criteria)
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