Final Exams at GOC

  • Final exams are given at the end of each semester to all students at all grade levels at the Gwinnett Online Campus. The final exams are cumulative and summative assessments that help indicate the preparedness of students for the next course based on the knowledge gained in their current course. Failure to take a test will result in a grade of 0% being given for the assessment. Please make sure to check the calendar and schedules for more specific information pertaining to exact dates and times of final exams.

Spring 2021 Final Exam Schedule

  • If you do not see the calendar below, please refresh your browser or click HERE to download the calendar.

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Course Names

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GOC Center Students

  • GOC Center students will be completing their exams according to the calendar above. If there are issues with completing your exam on the given date and time please reach out to Melissa Torrens.