Gateway Assessments

  • Introduction

    The Gateway assessment is a written assessment in essay format that assesses student’s knowledge in world history, language arts, chemistry, and biology. Students who are enrolled in 10th grade will participate in the assessment. There is a science and a social studies administration on separate days and students must pass both (science and social studies) for promotion. The topics on the tests are rotated through administrations and years.

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    Gateway Main Administration

    The main Gateway administration is for 10th-grade students and is typically given in March. Students are enrolled in a preparatory course within the GOC learning platform in their course list during their 10th-grade year. Any schedules for this administration will be available in this section and will be posted as soon as they are available. Students who need to retest may also be tested during this administration.

    Gateway Retest

    There are two main administrations for the Gateway Retest, one in the fall and one in the winter. There are no make-up dates available for this assessment. Students are enrolled in a remediation course within the GOC learning platform in their course list. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the lessons and assessments in order to prepare them for the exam and to earn intervention hours.

    Gateway Alternate and Post Grads

    The Gateway Alternate is for students who have obtained 10 or more intervention hours. Students must be pre-approved by the GCPS Assessment office in order to attend the Gateway Alternate Classes. The classes are scheduled Monday – Thursday with the exam on Friday morning. Attendance at all classes is mandatory to take the exam. Post-grads can register for the Gateway Alternate classes and exam by visiting the GCPS website, go to “Register for” and select “Post-Grad Gateway.”

The High School Gateway Writing Assessments in Science and Social Studies

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