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  • The PSAT will be administered to all true 2nd year students (10th graders) at Grayson High School during the fall semester.  All students attempting the test will be excused from class.

    Each year, we offer the opportunity to the top 10% of our 11th graders to take the test and qualify for National Merit Scholarship opportunities.  These students have received a letter with this invitation.  If you have any questions, please email Dr. Seth Rhine at

    Also, interested 9th graders are able to sign up for a waiting list as well.

    Learn About the PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT


  • Starting this year, students wishing to take the SAT must pay attention to some important changes.  Students cannot:

    • Take the SAT without registering online by the due dates (i.e., no "standby").
    • Sign up for one testing location (i.e., Mill Creek), but show up at another location (i.e., North Gwinnett) (i.e., no "test center change").
    • Sign up for one test date, but show up at an earlier or later test date (i.e., no "test date change").
    • Test without a registration ticket (the ticket will now include a photo of the student which the student uploads during online registration).
    • Sign up for the SAT I, but decide to take the SAT II (or vice versa.)
    • Each student will need to upload a photo of him- or herself when he or she registers online.

    For more information about the SAT, visit the College Board website.