District Designed Assessments (DDA)

  • District Assessments are a part of Gwinnett County Public School’s Balanced Assessment Program. They are a mixture of both formative and summative assessments administered at the classroom level to measure student learning of the Academic, Knowledge, and Skills (AKS). The Interim and Final Exam assessments allow students to demonstrate what they know, understand, and are able to do.

    Semester 1 Final Exams
    12/15 (Periods 1-2)
    12/16 (Periods 3-4)
    12/17 (Periods 5-6)
    Semester 2 Interim Exams
    Monday, 3/7 - all Language Arts 9-12
    Tuesday, 3/8 - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
    Wednesday, 3/9 - World and US History
    Thursday, 3/10 - Algebra I and Algebra II
    Friday, 3/11 - Geometry, Accelerated Geometry, Precalculus, and Accelerated Precalculus
    Semester 2 Final Exams
    5/23 (Periods 1-2)
    5/24 (Periods 3-4)
    5/25 (Periods 5-6)

    If you have any questions, please contact Leann Sims at 770-554-7394 or via email at Leann.Sims@gcps.k12.org.