Lanier's Check In/Out Policy

  • General Information

    Any student arriving late to school, anytime after 7:10AM, must check in at the Office of Attendance/Student Services located on Longhorn Blvd.

    Any student leaving campus after they have arrived on campus MUST check-out at the front lobby desk.




    All students must report to the Office of Attendance/Student Services located on Longhorn Blvd next to the school clinic to receive a pass for classroom admittance. If a student tries to report directly to class, the student will be redirected to check-in with the Office of Attendance/Student Service.

    Please have your student provide a note at the time of check-in if applicable.

    Please note that heavy traffic or poor driving conditions due to weather are not acceptable excuses for checking in after the 7:10AM late bell rings.



    Basic Requirements:

    • A student information card and clinic card complete with parent contact information and persons designated by parent to pick up student must be on file before a student is allowed to check-out.
    • Any student checking out will need verification by a parent, or guardian, by our office staff. No exceptions.
    • Notes for student check out should be brought to the front desk no later than 7:25AM because this will allow ample time for parent/guardian verification.
    • Emails are not accepted as a note for student check-out.
    • We do not allow check outs over the phone, a note must be brought in by the student, or a parent must come to the school in person to check the student out of school.


    Parent/Guardian Check-Out in Person:

    • Students can be checked out by a parent/guardian in person at the front lobby desk. A PICTURE ID will be REQUIRED.


    Student Self-Checkout:

    • NO student, even if 18 years old, can check out of Lanier High School without permission from a parent/guardian.
    • If the student is emancipated, and the proper documentation is on file, the student can check-out if necessary.
    • Students, if you know you will be checking out during the school day, drop off a note using the Lanier HS Check-Out Form to the front desk prior to 7:25AM. The note must include a parent contact number for verification. Once verified, you will be sent a pass to check out at the time indicated on the note.