Lanier's Tardy Policy

  • Tardy Policy:

    All students are expected to be in school and/or classes on time. This means in the classroom before the tardy bell rings. Students are considered tardy from the ringing of the 7:10AM bell until 7:30AM

    Please be aware that the state of Georgia does not excuse heavy traffic and/or poor weather conditions as a reason for being tardy to school.

    Students arriving to school after 7:10AM must sign in the Office of Attendance/Student Services Office before proceeding to class.

    Report directly to Student Services office upon arrival on campus to check in.

    Excused Tardies Policy:

    Students will only be given an exucsed tardy pass if the reason for arriving after the 7:10AM late bell rings if they have a note that meets the Excused Absence policy guidelines. See Excused Absences for more information.

    Unexcused Tardies Policy:

    All students are expected to be in class on time. This means in the classroom before the tardy bell rings, otherwise you are tardy.

    If the student is not in the room on time, then the student must go to the Office of Attendance/Student Services. At this location, the student will obtain a pass and then be sent to class. The student will not be allowed into class without the pass. If a student fails to get a pass and/or fails to attend class, the student will be considered AWOL (absent without leave/permission).

    Consequences for Unexcused Tardy to Class (*cumulative total of tardies, not per class):

    • 1st–5th Offense: Warning
    • 6th Offense: 1 day of Restricted Lunch
    • 7th Offense: 2 days of Restricted Lunch
    • 8th Offense: 3 days of Restricted Lunch
    • 9th Offense: 2 hour Wednesday School,Parking Warning (referral to see administrator)
    • 11th Offense: 4 hour Saturday School, Parking Suspension (referral to see administrator)
    • 12th-14th Offense: In School Suspension, Parking Suspension (referral to see administrator)

    After the 15th offense:

    • the consequence issued to a student will be at the discretion of administrator
    • suspension of parking privilege for the remainder of the school year may occur