Blended Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "blended schedule mean?

    Students will attend face-to-face class meetings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, students will participate in online or off-campus learning activities. On-campus attendance is not required on Wednesday, with the exception of all Grayson High School students who ride the bus to school and do not have alternate transportation allowing them to have a modified schedule on those days.

  • What is the reason for the blended schedule?

    Online learning is becoming a driving force in education.  By giving students a blended model of learning which incorporates traditional face-to-face instruction along with online learning or off-site activities, students are able to prepare themselves for the type of instruction that they will more than likely experience at the post-secondary level.  This type of learning also gives the flexibility for more unique learning experiences and tailored instruction.

    Additionally, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Grayson Technical Program. The ability to be “present” in class at a location other than the Grayson Technical building (at home, or a location close to home or their traditional high school) may provide the opportunity for students who are logistically farther away from the campus the ability to participate in the programs. This is cost-effective in terms of fuel and time saved in driving to and from the school.

  • What if I prefer that my student physically attends the Grayson Technical Program each day?

    There will be learning labs available on Wednesdays for students to attend during their regular class time. Teachers will be monitoring the labs and may be available for enrichment and remediation activities. Attendance will be taken in the learning labs and students will be required to stay for the duration of the normal class time.

  • What types of activities will my student be doing on the days that they are not on campus?

    There will be a variety of activities that students will participate in or be responsible for completing.  Teachers will utilize their eClass course pages to deliver instruction and supporting activities through an online model.  Students will submit assignments, participate in online discussions, watch videos or podcasts, review presentations, or other activities developed by the teachers. 

    Some programs will participate in off-site internships as well.  These internships allow students the opportunity to participate in a work setting in the field in which they are studying.  Assignments and evaluations by the site supervisor will be completed on a regular basis.  These internships will occur on Wednesdays.

  • If my student struggles with the self-directed learning model, will there be support in place?

    Yes. Grades will be monitored closely in order to keep students from falling behind in their work. Once a student’s average drops below a 74% for any class, he/she will be required to attend the Grayson Technical Program campus each day for face-to-face remediation and to work in the learning lab. Once the student’s average is at a 74% or above, he/she may return to the blended schedule. At any time, a parent/guardian may request that the student be on campus each day.

  • What does "blended schedule" mean?

    A blended schedule means that you will not attend classes every day at the Grayson Technical building*.  On Wednesdays you will not be required to attend class at the school.  Instead, you will either be participating in an internship, completing project work, working online via eClass with your teacher’s instructions, or other assignments or activities as assigned. 

    *Grayson High School students who ride the bus or do not have alternate transportation available for a modified schedule, will come to the Grayson Technical Building each day to work in a learning lab for online assignments, project work, or other activities as assigned.

  • What are the benefits for me with a blended schedule?

    A blended schedule gives you the flexibility to participate in different types of learning. You can complete internship hours at a workplace in your field of study, do off-campus project work, or get smaller group help from your teacher. Also, for students who attend a high school other than Grayson High School, the ability to work from home or a location close to your home or home school one day per week means less money spent on gas and less time driving! For students planning to attend college, many post-secondary institutions are now using online or blended models as well. By using this model at the Grayson Technical Program, we are giving you experience with this less-restrictive learning model. You are now more responsible for your learning and for keeping up with due dates and assignments without a teacher reminding you each day.

  • What types of assignments or work will I do on my "online" days?

    Each program will have different assignments and will follow a model that works best for the students. However, some examples include watching instructional videos or listening to podcasts, participating in online discussions, reviewing presentations, completing writing assignments or other assignments assigned by your teacher, completing internship hours, or any other activity or assignment assigned by your teacher. All work will have a date and time that it is due and will be submitted online.

  • Do I have to log in and be actively online during the regular time of my Grayson Technical Program class?

    No. Unless specifically assigned by your teacher for an online class discussion or live instruction, you will be required to log in and complete the assignments at a time convenient for you, as long as all work is submitted by the due date.

  • Is there anything that can cause me to lose the privilege of the blended schedule?

    Glad you asked! Yes, if your average for any of your Grayson Technical Program classes drops below a 74% (AKA, if you have a “D” or lower) you will be required to attend class on campus each day. Once you raise your grade to a 74 or higher, you will be allowed to return to the blended schedule. However, your parents can, at any time, request that you attend the Grayson Technical Building each day! Also, if you are participating in an internship or off-campus project and fail to follow all Gwinnett County Public Schools rules, or rules set forth by your Grayson Technical Program teacher, you will lose the opportunity to represent your program in those environments.