Grayson High School Expectations

  • Grayson Rams Are . . . 


    • Respect yourself and peers.
    • Maintain personal body space.
    • Follow Grayson Dress Code.
    • Respect all GCPS property and personnel.
    • Use school appropriate language, tone, and volume.


    • Walk and talk - keep moving in the halls and atrium.
    • Use passes wisely.
    • Secure your valuables/electronics during the day.
    • Bring your class supplies - agenda, textbook, pencil, paper, homework.

    On Time

    • Be where you are supposed to be.
    • Take the shortest route.
    • Be on time.

    Ready to Learn

    • Make good choices.
    • Be honest and polite. Say please and thank you. Apologize and admit mistakes.
    • Be an active learner. Stay on task.
    • Put forth your best efforts.