• Brian Ji STAR Student, Ms. Enloe STAR Teacher

    Please join me in congratulating Brian Ji as he is our Star Student.   The STAR student honor, is bestowed on the senior in the top 10 percent of his or her class with the highest SAT score. As part of the recognition, each STAR student selects a teacher who has had a strong influence on his/her academic career.  Congratulations to this year’s STAR teacher, Ms. Victoria Enloe!  We are so proud of Brian and thankful to have Victoria on our team! 

  • Ridge Recovery opens for Q3

    Starting the week of April 19th, students that have created a Georgia Virtual student account will be placed in a core course that they received a grade below 69%. Ridge Recovery is a credit recovery program using Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery for students who did not pass a core class. Students can take a condensed version of the course to earn credit towards graduation. Successful credit recovery grades will appear on a student’s transcript, but it will NOT replace the failed grade. Credit recovery allows students to earn credit and get back on track towards graduation. Student-athletes who are seeking athletic scholarships should consult with their counselor prior to registering for Credit Recovery because it is not accepted by NCAA.


    Please visit the following website to learn more about the program and sign up: https://sites.google.com/g.gcpsk12.org/ridgerecovery/home

    Courses Offered

    • Math- Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus
    • Language Arts- 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th
    • Science- Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Physics
    • Social Studies- World Geography, World History, US History, Government (Political Systems), and Economics
    • Health

  • PRHS PTSA 2021 Nominating Committee Report

    In lieu of posting in the school front office, we are posting the nominations for the 2021-2022SY Board below:
    PRHS PTSA 2021 Nominating Committee Report 
    Ms. Almond (PTSA President), the Nominating Committee submits the following nominees: 
    For President: Ms. Domonique Cooper 
    For 1st Vice President: Ms. Gul Amir 
    For 2nd Vice President: Vacant (Nominations will be accepted from the members at the General Membership Meeting)
    For Secretary: Ms. Kim Weeks 
    For Treasurer: Ms. Audrey Hendrix-Johnson 
    Signed and Dated: Ms. Domonique Cooper 04/09/2021 Ms. Crystal Jackson 04/09/2021 Ms. Gul Amir 04/09/2021  

  • 2021 Gwinnett Science + Engineering Fair Winners

    Science, Engineering, and Innvoation Fair logo with lightbulb

    Peachtree Ridge High School competed in the 2021 Gwinnett Science + Engineering Fair in February. The following students were recognized for their research and/or engineering products. You can access the virtual award ceremony here.

    1st place and invitation to compete at the Georgia Science + Engineering Fair 

    • Chandni Pari Jain
    • Vivian Chen and Joanne Lee
    • Katharine Wang and Christie Kwon
    • Christine Ao and Kruti Bhanderi
    • Rajveer Singh
    • Arwen Dale
    • Arjan Kohli
    • Shreena Parikh

    2nd place

    • Zeeyan Aldina
    • Brandon McClain
    • Janice Kim and Christina Kim
    • Vivian Zhang and Arushi Raza
    • Mashal Alidina
    • Nadia Bozeman and Negar Oromi

    3rd place

    • Daanyal Pesnani and John McMahon
    • Debra Villatoro
    • Amal Patel and Kazem Moussa
    • Radha Amin
    • Zahid Omar
    • Shalin Mehdi
    • Rohey Jasseh

  • Gwinnett Science + Engineering Fair Students Earn Scholarships!

    In addition to 1st place, Chandni Pari Jain was invited to compete in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in May and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship by GCPS Foundation. Her research paper, Navigation In-Person Intersections, can be found here.

    Picture of Jain with scholarship check from GCPS Foundation

    In addition to 1st place, Katherine Wang and Christie Kwon were awarded a $500 T-Mobile System Software Award Scholarship.

    In addition to competing in the regional fair, Arjan Kohli and Rajveer Singh competed in the Innovation in Action Exhibit and were each awarded a $500 scholarship. Click here to access the Innovation in Action Exhibit Hall and learn more about their projects, AIMS: An AI-Powered Multiple Sclerosis Diagnostic Assistant and Removing Microplastics and Bisphenol-a from Water.

  • Senior Letters: A Celebration of Our Senior Class of 2021!!

    Senior Letters are an opportunity for parents, family members, friends, and/or anyone else to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and character of the members of this year’s senior class. Each letter should be clearly marked with the student’s legal full name (NO NICKNAMES) and GCPS student number (please ask the parent/student for this information) and labeled “SENIOR LETTER.” No senior letter can be larger than an 8½”x11” sheet of paper.

    Senior Letters are collected at the Front Desk at Peachtree Ridge or mailed address: Ms. Joann Baker and mark the envelope with "SENIOR LETTERS" as well as the student's complete name (no nicknames) and GCPS student number to whom it should be delivered.

    All letters should be at the school NO LATER THAN Friday, May 7, 2021 to allow time for sorting.

    For information and specific details see Senior Letter Flyer 2021.

  • National Merit Scholarship Award Winner

    Please congratulate the following Seniors who were named National Merit Scholarship Award Winners.

    • Nikita R. Dandekar
    • Isaac Y. Hwang 
    • Brian S. Ji

  • Governor's Honors Program Finalist

    Please join me in congratulating our amazing finalists who have been invited to the 2021 Governor's Honors Program! 
    • Christine Ao
    • Aminah Muhammad
    • Andrew Choi
    • Arjan Kohli
    • Christia Saputera
    • Hala Mansour
    • Izza Tirmizi
    • Jihoon Kim
    • Lucy Ross
    • Rohan Bhagat
    • Stacy Yoon

  • Shine CTE Student of the Year: Pari Jain

    Pari Jain won the district-wide CTE Student of the Year award!  Congratulations to Pari and our Career and Technical Education teachers for this accomplishment.Mr. Jarusinski, Ms. Jain, Mr. Mulkey, and Mr. Wilbanks with Ms. Jain award for CTE Student of the Year.

  • Gateway Testing Suspended

    Due to the on-going COVID-19 health pandemic, Gateway testing for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year will be suspended. 
    GCPS will offer a waiver to those seniors in the Class of 2021 who have met all other graduation requirements except passing the High School Gateway. These seniors will receive a diploma without having to pass or participate in the Gateway assessment.  This waiver is put in place to accommodate students whose opportunities to take Gateway prior to graduation were impacted as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, including our move to concurrent learning for the 2020-2021 school year and our suspension of Gateway assessment opportunities for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. 

  • PTSA Invites You To Join Us....

    Are you interested in being on our nominating committee to help find our next PTSA Board members for the 2021-22SY?
        Are you interested in being on the PTSA Board or on a PTSA Committee? President and Secretary positions are open as well as many committees.
           Are you just interested in volunteering with the PTSA?
             Find information at peachtreeridge.org, go to the Parents menu then PTSA
               Contact us at peachtreeridgeptsa@gmail.com or Jennifer Almond, jaalmond@gmail.com.
    We would be happy to answer any questions about being involved with PTSA at Peachtree Ridge.
    2nd General Membership Meeting of the PRHS PTSA 
    Tuesday, March 23rd at 7 pm via Zoom
    Agenda: PTSA Updates and Election of Nominating Committee
    3rd General Membership Meeting of the PRHS PTSA
    Tuesday, April 27th at 7 pm via Zoom
    Agenda: PTSA Updates and Election of New 2021-22 SY PTSA Board

  • Order a Yearbook Today

    The Paragon is on sale in MyPaymentsPlus for $85. For more information, email Ms. Bahun.

  • New ParentVUE App

    ParentVUE Logo (blue/purple background) with Synergy Symbol

    The Synergy Parent mobile app, ParentVUE, is now available for use. The app is available in the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. It will allow parents, who have a parent portal account, to view schedules, grades, see when assignments are due, view graduation requirements, find missing assignments, and view other important student information. An active parent portal account is required to log in to ParentVUE. 

  • Counseling Newsletter

    Check out all the upcoming college visits in our Newsletter!

  • My Payments Plus Sign Up

    Mypaymentsplus logo Access your account online to sign acknowledgment forms, pay fees and make certain school purchases. If you do not have an account, you can create one when you visit the site.


  • Student Council Executive Board Elections for 2021-22

    It is time for the Student Council Executive Board elections for 2021-22. All prospective candidates are encouraged to join this Google Classroom to get more information on the application and elections process. Applications are now open and will be open through Friday, April 23 @ 2:10pm. You are not obligated to complete an application if you join the class – if you decide not to apply, no worries!

     We look forward to hearing from all prospective candidates! If you have any questions about the process, application, or elections, please contact the lead Student Council advisor, Mr. Hadley Robins via email. Go Lions!

  • Vasquez moves to National FCCLA Competition

    Congratulations to Sophia Vasquez, FCCLA Chapter President, for moving on to National Competition with her Professional Presentation entry on Pediatric Dentistry. Sophia will attend the FCCLA National Conference in Tennessee with her advisor, Dr. Linda Brimmer, and family this summer. 

  • DECA Regional Competition Winners

    Please congratulate the following students who placed at the DECA Region competition.
    Pari Jain- Job Interview, 1st place
    Gharam Mansour- Quick Service Restaurant Management Services, 3rd place
    Marina Mikhail- Principles of Hospitality and Tourism- 4th place
    Grace Stone- Principles of Hospitality and Tourism- 5th place
    Christopher Kibwana- Principles of Marketing- 5th place
    Sophia Vasquez- Restaurant and Food Service Management Series- 5th place
    Russell Picho- Automotive Services Marketing Series, 6th place
    Joyce Kim- Personal Financial Literacy, 7th place

  • South Asian Student Association Meeting: April 20

    The South Asian Student Association will be having their next meeting over zoom on Tuesday, April 20 @2:20pm. The link to the zoom meeting can be found on the club page on the PRHS website.