• Boys Basketball Tryouts

    October 25-27. See Coach Griffin for more information. 

  • 2021 Football Schedule

    Varsity schedule a text copy can be found at https://www.prhsfootball.com/schedule/team_instance/6238244?subseason=741255

  • Interested in Girls Basketball?

    Are you interested in Playing Basketball? Pave your way to success.

    Interested in Girls Basketball Form

    Girls Basketball Flyer

  • GOFAN.COM for Event Tickets

    Sports tickets can only be purchased via gofan.com with a credit or debit card to home sporting events. Due to limited capacity, there are less tickets to events. To purchase a home ticket for games please click here.  Many other school are also going touchless for tickets as well. If they are using GoFan, those tickets will also be available under Peachtree Ridge.

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