• Requirements:

    No experience necessary. During the first few weeks of school, students will learn music fundamentals through classroom instruction and activities. During this time students will also try out band instruments to see which is appropriate for each individual student. 

    Areas of Focus

    • Develop an interest in and appreciation of instrumental music. 
    • Develop skills in reading notation and use of musical vocabulary, leading to the development of a comprehensive understanding of the elements of music and their relationship.
    • Develop correct habits in posture, wind or percussion techniques, and care and maintenance of a musical instrument.
    • Develop discriminating listening and performing skills in tone, intonation, and ensemble blend and balance.
    • Function in a musicianship role through composing, performing, listening to, and evaluating musical works.
    • Participate in performances of instrumental music utilizing a wide repertoire of music literature.
    • Develop a positive director-student relationship.
    • Become a lifetime musician and advocate of the arts.