• Governor's Honors Program

  • Congratulations again for being nominated for the Governor’s Honors Program. The first part of the process is testing.  You are required to take a test in your area of nomination. Testing information is listed below. There will be no makeups. Please report to the assigned lab at 7:20 AM. Testing will begin at 7:30 AM sharp.


    French, Latin and Spanish

    Monday, September 16th   (Social Studies Lab - A 200)


    Math and Social Studies

    Thursday, September 19th   (Halo Lab – E 200)


    Science and Communicative Arts

    Friday, September 20th     (Halo Lab – E 200)


    Fine Arts Students Do Not test

  • Application Requirement:

    ALL  students must complete an application. Please click on the picture below to access the application. Your application is due on Monday, September 23rd by 7:30 AM. You must make TWO copies. DO NOT staple your application. You can use paper clips. If your application is stapled or you do not have two copies, it will be returned to you.

    Your application must be filled out electronically. ***Please note, for fields with drop downs you must use the arrow to find the correct answer and then click into the box to save the information. Also, there are purposely size limitations on the open ended questions. Be concise with your responses.

    Turn in two copies of your typed unstapled application to Dr. Peterson in the counseling office on Monday, September 23th between 6:50 AM and 7:30 AM.