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    Happy Friday afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you are ready for a wonderful three-day weekend where you can relax and spend time with family.  I know all of us "school people" are ready!​School Council ​elections ended this week.  I'd like to congratulate Kaylee Adcock, Michelle Hawkins, Maria Hernandez, and Melissa Kiefer to the ​Cooper Elementary School Council.  We look forward to working with you.Two students, Daniel and Michael, helped co-author the following ​about our upcoming book fair... reading books ​helps your creativity and keeps you engaged.  Reading is like "gaming in a book' and "fun in a book."  Daniela nd Michael... I couldn't have said it better myself!  Thank you for ​supporting our media center by participating in our fall book fair.I want to point your attention to an additional piece of communication that started hitting your email boxes last spring... our monthly newsletter.  Our Family Liaison, Kareen McKoy, produces the newsletter that has upcoming events and other bits of information so our parents can stay informed.Car Riders... I believe things have settled to somewhat normal out in morning and afternoon dismissal.  Please be reminded that we shut down operations in the morning at 8:47 AM.  This is three minutes prior to the tardy bell.  Rationale... kids must be IN CLASS at the 8:50 bell, and our staff must be in class at 8:50 to start our instructional day.  If car rider has shut down, please park and walk your child into the building.  Additionally, we still have parents wanting/trying to drop off in the bus lane.  Please know and understand that this is not possible while we are in the loading and unloading of buses process.  We appreciate everyone's understanding for this.Last bit of information that is not in the newsletter... but is in your child's Friday Folder... Bruster's (Grayson) Spirit Night is Tuesday, September 5 from 6-9.  Come out, fellowship, and eat some chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream, or a flavor of your choosing, while supporting our PTA.  I look forward to seeing you there.I hope each of you has a wonderful, safe, and relaxing three-day weekend.  Until we see each other again, be safe, be good, and stay healthy.Your VERY PROUD and READY-FOR-A-BREAK Principal,Paul

  • Cooper Chronicles (8-18-23)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you are all doing well and have a fun and relaxing weekend planned.We have completed the first 13 days of school!  We are finding our stride and getting our processes and procedures down inside our classrooms, inside the school, and in our parking lot :-)Speaking of parking lot... just a reminder to our returning parents, and a "in case you missed it" to our new parents... car riders must go through the car rider lane, which enters at the stop light.  Trying to enter the front drive during bus arrival/unloading will result in our staff getting into an awkward situation having to redirect you to the other parking lot.  If you need to come into the school with your child to drop off documents or other items, we ask that you park in the car rider parking lot.  Your help with this is greatly appreciated.We had our first Curriculum Night last night.  Thank you to those that came to hear more information about the school year from your child's teacher.  PK-3rd grade Curriculum Night will be Thursday, August 24.  Each child represented by a parent at Curriculum Night will receive a Tiger Buck for EFFORT... we know it takes time and energy to come, and we want to honor that commitment.  We will have our first PTA meeting of the year on Thursday at 6 PM in our cafeteria.  This is a very important first meeting because we will be asking our general membership to approve the PTA operating budget for the school year.  Immediately following the meeting, our teachers will be released to go to their classrooms, and parents will be released from the cafeteria shortly after.Mr. Kashella will be hosting our first Special Education Family Night of the school year in the media center right after the PTA meeting on Thursday.  Parents of students in our multi-grade programs are invited to join and learn more about our school, our programs, and the resources we have in place to support our students.  Each student represented will also receive a Tiger Buck for EFFORT.Finally, I want to invite you to attend the FREE Back to School Splash Bash next door at Anchor Church.  The Splash Bash will be on Saturday, August 26 from 4-7 PM.  I've heard there will be a dunk tank, and YOU KNOW WHO is expected to be in it at some time.  Anchor Church has partnered with McConnell Middle School and Cooper Elementary School for several years and continue to support the faculty, staff, students, and families at both schools.  Join us at Anchor on August 26.Until we meet again, be good, be safe, and stay healthy.Your VERY PROUD and TIRED Principal,Paul

  • Cooper Chronicles (8-4-23)

    Wowsers, Tigers.  We did it!  The first three days down, with two days to recover.Thank you all for your time and attention to making our first week go so well.  We will continue to hone our processes and procedures to ensure the safety of our students and the efficiency of our operations as we continue getting our rhythm for the school year.Today was the first day we expected all of our students to go to their classroom on their own (staff were still available for guides).  They did great!Beginning Monday, we would like for ALL student drop offs to be via our car rider process... that's entering the parking lot at the stop light and weaving through.  Never should students be dropped off in any other area (Ozora Road, Berry Road, front parking lot).  This creates a very dangerous environment for our students.  Our staff will kindly redirect vehicles to the car rider lane.Our PTA is beginning to plan for the Fall Festival on September 23.  If you are a business owner or know a person that would like to be a vendor at the Fall Festival, please see the attached flyer for more information.  This will be a great event, and very well attended if the past few years can be used as an indicator.Students will be introduced to Tiger Bucks beginning Monday.  Tiger Bucks is our tangible token for our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program.  Be sure to ask your child about them on Monday.Just a few dates for you to put on your calendar...August 17, Curriculum Night for Grades 3, 4, 5August 24, Curriculum Night for Grades K, 1, 2August 24, Special Education Family NightRest up and get prepared for a full week of learning.  Until then, be good, be safe, and stay healthy.Your VERY PROUD and TIRED Principal,Paul

  • Cooper Chronicles (7-13-23)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the last bits of summer before we all head back to school.  I look forward to seeing you all, but also know that the beginning of the school year is NON-STOP, and I don't think I'm quite ready for that :-)

    Have you considered working at Cooper Elementary School?  We have positions that we are still trying to fill.  We have custodial positions, paraprofessional positions with some of our special education programs, and we have a teaching position still open.

    Although we prefer teacher candidates to have completed a traditional teacher prep program, we know that these folks are coming harder and harder to find.  Did you know that their are pathways to teaching for those that hold a bachelor's degree or higher in any field?  If you enjoy working with children and adults alike, are interested in making positive connections with adults and children, and would like to pursue a career in education, reach out and apply to Gwinnett County Public Schools.  Not only do we have open positions, schools throughout the district are looking for highly motivated people willing to take on the challenge.  Click HERE to being exploring what it takes to be a member of Team GCPS.

    Save the Date

    July 18, 5 PM - 6:30 PM, Principal in the Park w/Popsicles, Bay Creek Park playground, Ozora Road- I've had a blast hanging out with students and parents alike at the last two events on our playground.  Let's step it up and hit the park before school gets going... connect and engage with each other, our PTA, and who knows who else might be there...

    July 28, 8:30-11:30, Open House! Come meet your child's teacher, drop off those first day supplies, get transportation stuff figured out, and get the 'lay of the land'.  No time breakdown by alphabet this year, but know that not EVERYONE has to be here at 8:30 :-)  Parking can be a challenge on days like this, so pace yourself... and don't get here too early (we have to get the teachers in the building and in their classroom)

    August 2, 8:00, First Day of School.  Our PTA would like to invite all of our new parents (parents of kindergartners AND parents of students that have transferred to our school) to their Tears and Cheers Welcome to Cooper event in the media center right after you drop your kids off.  They will have coffee and pastries, as well as tissues available.  Key school staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  PTA looks forward to connecting with you!

    August 17, 6 PM, Curriculum Night, Grades 3-5.  Come to one of two sessions that will give you the details about the ins and outs of the school, the classroom, and other information

    August 24, 6 PM, Curriculum Night, Grades PK-2, Come to one of two sessions that will give you the details about the ins and outs of the school, the classroom, and other information

    Finally, I challenge you to join Cooper Elementary's PTA.  Membership does not commit you to anything, but it does show your support to our school, our staff, our students, and our community. Our school's membership gives our school more influence at the council, district, and state level as the number of delegates we have is based on our membership.  PTA will have a membership drive with incentives for classrooms, so get an early start.  Join today!  Begin by clicking HERE.

    That's all for now... until we meet again, be good and stay safe!

    Your VERY PROUD Principal,


  • Cooper Chronicles (6-6-23)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope your first bit of summer has been relaxing and recharging.

    It has been a few weeks since I have sent a school-wide message, but I wanted to first thank you for this school year and your support of the school, your child's teachers, and our staff.  We are better together, and this community certainly lives by that mantra.

    Second, I want to provide an invitation to anyone interested in joining our team at Cooper ES.  We have several support positions open for the 2023-2024 school year.  As our school grows in the ways we can serve our community, the need for outstanding, motivated people increases.  Here is what we have:

    Special Education Paraprofessional Positions

    Job Code      Program

    84914 - Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level II

    84913 - Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level I

    84910 - Emotional Behavior Disorders

    84909 - Moderate Intellectual Disabilities

    84921 - Severe and Profound Intellectual Disabilities

    Instructional Support Position

    87514 - Instructional Clerk (KK Para)

    Other Support Positions

    87278 - Custodian (two) (12 month position)

    The unicorn position... Part-time Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) (Job Code 87278)

    If you are interested in working a schedule that is very similar to your school-aged child's schedule, and you have a passion for helping grow people, I would encourage you to apply to any/all of the listed positions.  All of the positions listed are fully benefited, and with the exception of the custodial positions, are 190 day positions.  Begin the application process by clicking HERE.

    Lastly, I would like to invite you and your family to our first Playground with the Principal on Tuesday, June 13 from 5:00-6:30.  I will borrow some equipment from Coach Blair and Coach Larsen, or feel free to bring your own, and we'll just have some fun down on our playground (weather permitting).  I hope this time will be fun, relaxing, and an opportunity to engage at a different level with each other.

    With that, I wish you a wonderful week and a wonderful summer.  Be good, stay safe, and be healthy.

    Your VERY PROUD Principal,


Our Very Proud Principal, Mr. Paul Willis

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