Nesbit Elementary School

Educate, Equip, Empower

Important Documents

School Information

  • School Hours:


    Visitors must check-in at the front desk upon entering the school building. 

    Give us a Call:

    Phone: 770-414-2740

    Fax: 770-414-2757

    Title IX:

    Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) does not discriminate on the basis of disability. If any member of your family needs assistance or has any questions regarding website accessibility, please reach out to your Local School Title IX Coordinator. If you believe you are being mistreated on the basis of your race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin or handicap or you believe you are being sexually harassed, you have a complaint and a remedy. Please tell any school employee in whom you have confidence that you have a complaint about the manner in which you are being treated and why. For more information, please access Title IX contact information here.

Meet the Principal

  • Dr. Marketa MyersPrincipal, Dr. Myers Welcome Parents, Students, and Nesbit Community Members,

    I am very excited to have you as part of the Nesbit Elementary School Family. We look forward to working together with you to build a dynamic school that will serve our children and our community.

    At Nesbit, we pursue excellence each day. Our school culture focuses on educating, equipping, and empowering students. Through a strong partnership between the school and parent community, we will continue to pursue excellence in everything we do. We have awesome students, a dedicated staff, and highly supportive parents and community members.  Our pursuit of excellence is defined as “Nesbitizing”.   Working together we “NESBITIZE” our school!

    With Positive Energy,
    Dr. Marketa Myers

Nesbit Core Values

  • Mission: 

    To educate, equip, and empower students, parents, and Nesbit staff. 


    We pursue excellence in everything that we do. 

    Instructional Priorities:

    • Execute Nesbitized Release of Instruction ( mini-lesson, collaboration, guided groups, independent work)
    • Ensure that we are giving rigorous assessments that align with the AKS and instruction (backwards design - standards, assessment, instruction)
    • Teaching the AKS and using data to inform instruction (how do we respond to our data)
    • Literacy (discussion, reading, and writing) is a priority and taught through each subject area

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