20-21 School Year: We feel we were more prepared to tackle the challenges of learning brought by the COVID-19 pandemic than any school in the country. Now everyone has digital learning days, but due to our instructional vision and work over the previous years, we feel we provided high-quality education to our students throughout the difficult times since March 2020.

    See below for pre-pandemic information about our early Digital Learning Days
    Dacula High School has seven Digital Learning Days for the 2019-2020 school year. Digital Learning Days have helped accelerate the school's progress toward transformational instruction by providing teachers the time they need to build these exceptional instructional activities. During these Digital Learning Days, every student receives an eClass (d2L) assignment for each of their 6 classes. Students have the option to work from home or come to school for extra help. Students who choose to come to campus are allowed to go to computer labs to work or to choose teachers to visit for tutoring. Teachers spend the Digital Learning Days tutoring students and planning transformational lessons with their course teams. Students who are struggling with a concept or failing a class are highly encouraged to come to campus on Digital Learning Days to receive tutoring from their teachers. Although attendance is optional, the assignments due on the Digital Learning Days are mandatory. In the 2018-2019 school year, the average assignment completion for a Digital Learning Day was 88%.
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