• Social Studies

  • As a part of the Gwinnett County Public Schools, the Brookwood High School Social Studies program is designed to prepare students to participate as constructive citizens in a democratic society. Students mastery of the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) is achieved through an authentic 9-12 approach integrating discipline-based content with interpretative skills focused on maps and globes, information processing, social participation, and problem solving. Students develop an understanding of their role in the community, state, and our global society. Students also build an understanding of the connections between the past and the present, as well as an understanding of the similarities and differences that exist between nations and cultures of the world.

    In the 9th grade, students are offered the opportunity to take World Geography as an elective credit. Students are required to take the following core courses in order to graduate: 10th grade World History, 11th Grade U.S. History, 12th Grade Economics (1 semester), and 12th grade Political Systems (1 semester). Geography and core courses are offered at the College Prep, Honors, Gifted, or A.P. level. Students are also encouraged to select elective courses based on interest and aptitude.

Social Studies Gateway

  • Students are required to take the Gateway test as juniors in U.S. History. In order to graduate from Brookwood, a student must pass the Gateway assessment.  The assessment is administered in the spring of the junior year.

  • Image of The Constitution


  • Sociology (1 semester)
    Psychology (1 semester)
    Controversial Issues (1 semester)
    Philosophy (1 semester) 
    Ethnic Studies (1 semester)
    World Geography (9th grade)


  • A.P. Human Geography (9th Grade)
    A.P. World History (10th Grade)
    A.P. U.S. History 
    A.P. Economics
    A.P. American Government
    A.P. Psychology (elective course)
    A.P. European History (elective course)


  • Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society
    Student Ambassadors
    Mock Trial