• Gateway Writing Assessment
  • The GCPS Gateway Assessment

    The Gateway tests are one way Gwinnett County Public Schools measure student learning of the school system’s curriculum— the Academic Knowledge and Skills or AKS. The High School Gateway is a writing test that assesses students’ language arts, science, and social studies knowledge and skills. Students must pass the Gateway tests to receive a regular diploma from any Gwinnett County school.

    Students write two essays— one on a science topic and one on a social studies topic. In writing a response, students must use their own knowledge about the topic and incorporate information from documents that are provided. The essays are rated in four areas— science knowledge and concepts, language arts/writing skills on the science topic, social studies knowledge and concepts, and language arts/writing skills on the social studies topic.

    Students take the Gateway tests for the first time in the spring of their 10th grade year. A student who does not pass the Gateway the first time will have several opportunities to retake the Gateway before his or her scheduled graduation date. The student continues the normal sequence of courses, earning credit toward graduation. This year the Gateway tests are administered on the dates listed in the Test Administration Calendar.

    More information about the Gateway Assessment can be found on the GCPS website.

     Gateway Preparation and Support

    Non-credit intervention classes are available each semester to support and prepare students for the Gateway assessment. Classes are free of charge to students. To register for a class, please obtain a Gateway Intervention Class Registration Form from the testing office, located in the 500 building (2nd floor).