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    Students Please Read Our Guidelines Before Booking:

    NEW! Students may now book their own appointments by clicking the links below! Please note you must be signed into your student GMAIL to book. Students may go by the counseling office before and after school and to the Counselor Corner (in the cafeteria) during lunch to make appointments in person. Students are not released during class time to make appointments. Emergencies are handled based on the situation. 

    If you are booking your own appointment online, it must be made at least 48 hours in advance along with turning a completed College & Career Profile Sheet in prior to your appointment. 

    If you schedule a same-day appointment it will NOT be accepted. If your College & Career Profile is not received your online scheduled appointment will be cancelled & rescheduled. Due to scheduling appointments MAY be booked further than a week out, which a appointment pass will be delivered. 

    You may contact your Mrs. Kimbro via e-mail with specific questions for a quicker response. 

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    **Students will receive an confirmation email. Use that email as your pass to your appointment from class


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