• School Colors, Mascot, Logo, Crest

  • Bronco mascot in costume leaning against book shelf
  • Maroon and Gold, The Colors

    Maroon (Pantone 188 C)
    Gold (Pantone 7751 C)

     Brookwood's official colors, maroon and gold

    School Crest

    Brookwood Crest

    The four symbols in the crest stand for the “key to knowledge, communities that came together to form Brookwood, fine arts, and extracurricular activities."

    Broncos, The Mascot

    Brookwood Bronco logo

    The mascot was selected by a committee of students. Bronco is derived from Spanish “broncho,” meaning tough. American Indians valued the free roaming wild broncos and ownership was a source of prestige and power. Various sketches of broncos were considered before students chose the final pose. The runner-up for the mascot was bears.