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  • First Semester Final Exams Schedule

    good luck with final exams

    7th Grade: December 12 & 13

    6th Grade: December 16 & 17

    8th Grade: December 18 & 19

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  • Miss Discovery Pageants

    miss discovery pageant

    Tiny & Youth Pageants@ 3:00pm
    High School Pageant@ 7:00pm Discovery High School Theatre

    Register in person or click here for the PTSA website!

    Dec 2: Pageant Registrations begins
    Dec 9: Information Session, 7:00p, Commons

    Registration Fee $50.00
    Make checks payable to: Discovery High PTSA

    Open to all female students ages 1 yr. - 18 yrs. in the Discovery HS Cluster 

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  • Gwinnett School of Math, Science, & Technology Lottery Information | 2020-2021 Year


    The lottery application process for the 2020-2021 Freshman Class is now open.

    The mission of The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST) is to nurture the talents and high potential of all students through a unique, challenging, and integrated curriculum with a focus on mathematics, science, and technology that will result in a world-class education. At GSMST, a student will discover a school that fosters the development of a life-long learner through the use of a unique curriculum, real-world relevance, and meaningful relationships.

    The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology offers students an opportunity to study in three broad areas of focus: bioscience, engineering, and emerging technologies. These three key pillars mirror emerging career areas in Gwinnett County. GSMST is immersed in developing partnerships and initiatives with business and industry, higher education, and the public school system. Our curriculum will situate our students to compete in today’s global market and allow them to pursue infinite opportunities in the future.

    GSMST accepts all qualified, eligible students as chosen by random lottery.  Students who are currently in eighth grade during the 2019-2020 academic year will be able to begin the lottery registration process starting Friday, November 1, 2019.  [Students in ninth grade or above and students in seventh grade and below are not eligible to begin the lottery registration process.]  The lottery drawing will take place on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, in the board room of the district's Instructional Support Center (ISC) located at 437 Old Peachtree Road in Suwanee, Georgia at 9:00 AM. Although there is no requirement for parents to attend the lottery drawing, the drawing is open to the public. Prior to the lottery drawing, all qualified, eligible applicants will receive notification of his or her assigned lottery number. All lottery numbers will be drawn and posted in the order drawn. Students with numbers in the first 375 spots will be notified via USPS at the address entered on the application form. The remaining numbers will comprise the waiting list in the order drawn.

    Information Nights for 8th Grade Families
    Below are the dates for the three Informational Meetings that provide information to students/parents interested in attending GSMST. All meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria at GSMST, and the information presented will be the same at all three meetings.

    Thursday, December 5, 2019 – Discovery Cluster

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 – make-up meeting date for anyone unable to attend the first two meeting dates

    GSMST is located at 970 McElvaney Lane, Lawrenceville, GA 30044. Regular school hours are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

    Morning transportation to the student’s home high school is provided per GCPS buses as with any other high school student. GSMST students will board another bus from the home high school to be transported to GSMST. Students will board a bus in the afternoon to their neighborhood middle school, and from there, they will return home.


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  • RMS Jr. Beta Club Tutoring

    beta club

    RMS Jr. Beta Club is offering 8th graders morning tutoring in all subjects on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. Tutoring begins at 8:30. If 8th grade students or their parents are interested in tutoring please let their Social Studies teachers know so that they can receive a pass. 

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  • Keep RMS a green and healthy school!

    I pledge to keep Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful


    This month let’s focus on Conserving Energy.

     How can you help conserve energy?

    • Buy Energy Star appliances and save up to 30% on bills
    • Plant shade trees near your home
    • Use a lid on boiling pots to reduce cooking time and energy use
    • Match the pot size to burner size to avoid energy waste
    • Purchase clothes dryers with moisture sensors
    • Buy front-loading washing machines
    • Set your hot water heater thermostat at 120 degrees or “low”
    • Wrap your hot water tank in an insulating “blanket”
    • Use warm or cold water for laundry when possible
    • Activate your “sleep” feature on home office equipment. 
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  • RMS Parent Center

    parent resource center

    Visit us to find academic material for:


    Contact our Parent Outreach Liaison, Liz Martinez

    770-338-4815 or

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  • Free Tutoring

    RMS Morning Tutoring, every wednesday morning at 8:15 AM
    Come join your teachers at 8:15 every Wednesday morning for tutoring!
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