• Gifted-level courses are available in some subject areas during grades 9-11. Although some AP classes are available for grades 9-11, gifted course selections for grade 12 are mostly AP. Gifted students may choose which gifted classes to take, but they should consider carefully the potential impact of lack of gifted or AP classes on their transcripts. The college admission process requires rigor of schedule (the most rigorous courses available in the school) in order to be fully competitive for selective colleges and universities. The only confirmation of gifted placement on transcripts is enrollment in gifted classes.

    Quest Internship (Grades 11-12)

    A Quest Internship is an off-campus elective class in which gifted students in grades 11-12 work with a mentor in the business or professional world. Students leave campus the last period of the day and must be old enough to drive and provide their own transportation. Students also participate in resume preparation, career research, interviews, internship seminars, presentations, and final exams. Intern supervisors find placements for students in the metro area or local community. Students can also supply contact information of a willing professional whom they know. Contact Mr. Michael with any questions:

    Qualifying for the Gifted Program:

    • The procedures for identifying and placing students in the state-funded gifted program are governed by rules and regulations required by the Georgia Department of Education.
    • Referrals to the gifted program may come from teachers, parents, students, or as a result of system-wide testing. Students interested in being evaluated for gifted placement must submit their names via email to the school referral team.
    • If the referral team recommends the student for gifted evaluation, a gifted education teacher will schedule evaluations using four criteria: ability, achievement, creativity and motivation. Students must qualify in three of the four categories.
    • After providing a copy of previous gifted eligibility scores and then being placed in the GCPS gifted program, transfer students from gifted programs in other Georgia public schools receive an automatic transfer. Students must attend classes at BHS before they can be referred and evaluated for the gifted program. Transfer students from other states or private schools must be evaluated according to Georgia eligibility criteria, even if they have previous gifted placement. Private evaluations from outside the school system cannot be substituted for test data generated at the local school.
    • Contact Mr. Michael with any questions:
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