Elective Options for Rising Freshmen

  • Rising 9th grade students have the opportunity to select elective courses from the list below. Your 8th grade teachers will provide you with the registration form where you may select your electives. All classes are YEAR LONG courses. Students will NOT have the opportunity to make different choices for 2nd semester. The Curriculum Office will schedule electives for students based on space available. When you complete your registration form, please choose three elective choices and number them in order of preference with 1 being your first choice. If you choose not to select electives on your registration form, the Curriculum Office will make a selection for you.

    What credits are required to graduate?

    Career and Technical Education

    Fine Arts

    Foreign Language

    • French I
    • German I
    • Latin I
    • Spanish I


    • Literary Magazine / Creative Writing

    Health and PE

    All students are required to pass a Health course (1 semester) and a Personal Fitness course (1 semester), for high school graduation. Students must satisfy the high school Health & Personal Fitness requirement either during the summer before 9th grade or during the 9th grade year. 

    If families choose to take Health & Personal Fitness options through summer opportunities, there is an additional cost. It is the parent's responsibility to register separately for summer courses. Check the Parkview website in the spring for more information about GCPS summer course options.

    Below are the options for satisfying this requirement, along with elective PE options that are available to students who have already earned high school credit for Health & Personal Fitness.

    • Take Health & Personal Fitness at Parkview during 9th grade
    • Take Health & Personal Fitness through GCPS summer options (additional cost)
    • Take Personal Fitness through summer options; take Health & Body Sculpting / Weight Training during 9th grade
    • Complete 3 years of the MC JROTC program as an alternate way to satisfy Health & Personal Fitness requirement
    • If Health & Personal Fitness is completed during the summer, you may elect Body Sculpting / Weight Training as a PE elective during 9th grade

    Additional Electives with 8th Grade Teacher Recommendation

    The following electives require a signature on the registration form from the Trickum Middle School teacher for that program. Electives selected from this list will be your first choice.