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     Click here to view the Quest for the Kingdom backstory video.

    The Quest for the Kingdom is a reading incentive program that rewards students for reading books.  Each student at Alford is sorted into one of four kingdoms: Desertopia, Jungalia, Mountasia, or Oceanous.  Students read books and log their books in Beanstack to earn points for their Kingdom.  At the end of the year, the Kingdom with the most points gets their Kingdom's name on the Kingdom Cup trophy located in the Media Center.

    Students also earn individual prizes for participating in the Quest for the Kingdom Program.  Each year, students have the opportunity to earn various ranks (shown below.)  At each level, students may earn one of various prizes.  Students who read and log at least 12 books for the year and earn the rank of Marquis or above will get to visit the GCPS Bookmobile to select a free book in May.  Students who read at least 20 books and earn the rank of Scholar or above will be entered into a drawing and one student will win a free chromebook.