• Click your kingdom's crest below to access your padlet and submit your projects.

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     Click here to view the Quest for the Kingdom backstory video.

    Each realm has leaders who are staff members at Alford and they will be encouraging their "citizens" to read and share what they loved about their book through a project. Graphic novels cannot be used for Quest for the Kingdom projects until you unlock special "Bonus Challenges".

    Each realm also has a "court" comprised of staff members throughout the school who are committed to encouraging all of our students to read, create, and upload their projects to the Padlet!

    There are 6 project choices. A submitted project must demonstrate a student's best efforts, but should not be overly time consuming. The project list and rubrics that judges will use to assess the project are located here. Please carefully review the project descriptions and rubrics to ensure that projects are completed correctly. Each student project is judged according to the rubrics mentioned above.
    When a student's project meets the criteria on the rubric, he/she will have earned TERRITORY for their realm and will be on the path to advancing in rank... TERRITORY will be added to the giant banner inside of the cafeteria for all to see!
    Projects that meet the criteria outlined on the rubric will be marked on the Padlet with the heading "Territory Awarded". Other students can then use those projects as examples and inspiration!

    Projects that do NOT meet the criteria will be removed from the Padlet and the student will receive a slip explaining what they need to do to fix the project and resubmit it.

    Each student project must be uploaded to THEIR REALM'S PADLET, which is similar to an online bulletin board. There is a unique PADLET for each of the realms (Oceanous, Desertopia, Jungalia, or Mountasia). Padlet QR codes are attached to each student's lanyard.

    Mrs. Carlton is always available to assist students with uploading their projects and will also have designated times to assist students in each grade level weekly.

    ​Each realm is trying to win the kingdom, so the more territory that is earned, the closer the realm is to winning the challenge!

    Each Friday, students should wear a shirt that matches the color of their realm (Oceanous, Desertopia, Jungalia, Mountasia) if possible. They will also proudly display their rank via the buttons they have earned. This allows students to develop a sense of community with others across all grade levels who are in their realm and provides a visual incentive to work toward achieving ranks and earning badges and levels.

    Quest ranks